Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Parting Blog as ICON of the Year 2011-2012

This is my last day of icon of the year I'm really sad but i feel very blessed this year it was an amazing experience.

It’s unbelievable where the year went. The day that I became Icon of the Year was the most amazing day of my life. I’m so grateful and honored to be Icon of the Year.

When I became Icon of The Year, I decided to give back all the wonderful things that happened to me. That’s how I got my motto, “GET MOVIN”. The definition of ‘GET MOVIN” is to go out and help your neighborhood and do something good. I got movin by raising money for Monroe hurricane relief and for a five year old boy named Philip Okapa who recently passed away from brain cancer. My grandfather Luis Palacios ALSO died this year of cancer. He always believed in me and my dreams and is now always watching over me up in heaven… I LOVE YOU POPPY!

This year was truly amazing, from going on a national tour to being on national television on ABDC, I can’t believe all of these opportunities happened in one short year!

I want to thank the teachers for teaching us everything and for supporting us. I would also want to thank my mom and dad for always encouraging me and letting me chase my dreams, especially my little sister and friend Jade.

Thank you to all of the BOYZ for being my bros and for always supporting me. Thank you to the GIRLZ and DOLLZ and everyone at Icon… Thank you ALL so much for your love and support, I really appreciate it.

Thank you Karen, George, The Sottiles and everyone in the ICON Family!

I especially want to thank my mentors GEO and BETH, because not only are they amazing teachers, they are wonderful people who from DAY ONE, made me feel that anything is possible if you work hard, train and are a good person.  I truly love GEO and BETH. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the opportunities you gave me! THANK YOU for an AMAZING YEAR!

Remember to always follow your dreams and keep working hard and it will payoff!

GET MOVIN! The best is STILL to come!

Your buddy for life, Julian.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Master Class With Chachi At Icon Dance Complex – 12/29/11


What can I say!  Luv her!  Was an amazing class!!!
We learned so much and she brought so much energy to ICON. If you were at ICON Dance Complex the night that Chachi was there to teach, give me a shout out and comment below. Do you feel the way I do? Were you as pumped as I was to be dancing with her?

That's the cool thing about ICON. They give us these awesome opportunities to dance with cool "icons" like Chachi. What an amazing month it was- this December rocked!

BACK TO THE APOLLO! – 12/10/11

When i heard we were going to Apollo I screamed really loud I couldn’t believe it! I always wanted to go back there. The Boyz performed there once before I was officially a member of the crew. When we arrived I felt honored to be performing on the same stage as Michael Jackson and many other ICONS!

We danced to Justin Beiber’s “Drummer Boy” and RUNDMC. It was a great night with all the other talented singers, musicians and performers. I felt great to be there again!

Yeah, Be ICONic!

PRELUDE Dance Performance – 12/3/11

Prelude yeah! 

We had an awesome time dancing with the ICONic Girlz! It was a dope number to “Let’s Go”. Phunk Phenomenon performed with us too!!!!

I felt like it was Vegas all over again because of all the different crews and dance styles I saw.

Definitely another night to remember

Monday, December 12, 2011

The iPlay Grand Opening was Awesome!

On November 11th, 2011, We performed at a grand opening of a new indoor amusement park called iPlay America. It was awesome because we got cookies and pizza and a gift card to come back and play the games!!!!!

ICONic performance at the Paramount Theater, Long Island

Happy Birthday to my ICONic bro, Nick Mara! What a way to celebrate, a concert in Long Island! We went on a long bus ride and I sat with my best friend Tristan. It was at this awesome place called the Paramount Theater. It was beautiful! The ICONic Girlz and ICON Dollz and my brothers all performed.  I was so excited to see all the fans. We did about 7 meet & greets. It was definitely another ICONic Day to remember! Yeah to November 8, 2011!!!

ICON Dance Convention – Parsippany Sheraton

This November, it was time for ICON DANCE The Convention!


IAMme and the ICON family were so excited to unite and have fun at this event. Brandon from Iamme was there and Trey from Phunk were also there. I was able to assist GEO when he taught a workshop, along with a few other ICONic Boyz members. It was awesome! We did three meet and greets and question and answers, plus two parties! It was exhausting and fun, but ultimately, October 30th 2011 was one day that I will never forget.