Monday, October 24, 2011

Footlocker Gig – Oct 25

I almost cried when GEO asked me and Josh to dance with the six boys at a Foot Locker corporate event. We event went there in a limo! When we got there we went in our very own dressing room.  Since it looked like conference room, my boy Madison made pretend that we were at a corporate meeting and we were the employes. Lol.

Our first number was the dance we did for Hip Hop International then mixed it with Jay Z and our History of House performance at BeatStock. Then we did our RUNDMC number.

After that, we ate 2 Bros pizza. Gotta love those $1 slices!!!!

This is one performance I wont forget!


Showstoppers Dance Convention – Orlando Florida – Oct 8 & 9

Yeah Showstoppers again!

I was so excited and happy when GEO asked me to help him assist him. My dad and Jade went too!

Our flight to Orlando was early we had to wake up at 3:00am!

When we got there we went straight to Universal studios! It was raining really, really hard but we went anyway and had a ball! One of my favorite rides was Harry Potter!

Later that night we watched the Blue Man Group show. It was so entertaining and awesome!

The next morning I helped assist GEO with 4 different classes!

I had a wonderful time in Orlando Florida and hope to assist GEO again soon!

Jardine Academy Performance – Sept 30th

On Friday Sept 30th, the entire ICON company went to Jardine academy. I felt thankful for what I had when I saw everyone there. I felt like we were doing the right thing by dancing for these special kids.

They loved us even though we didn't have rehearsal for this and made mistakes in choreography they didn't notice because when they were watching us dance they felt special watching.

It was the least we can do for them!

We definitely should do it again!!!!!

The Jardine Academy, a program of The Cerebral Palsy League, Inc. is a school for children with cerebral palsy. It provides a comprehensive educational program, specially designed to meet the cognitive and physical needs of children who have multiple disabilities. The Cerebral Palsy League operates this facility for students ages 3 - 21.

I'd like to thank ICON for allowing its students to get involved in events like this so that we can keep instilling our messages like "Be ICONic" and "Get Movin" to those who really appreciate the meaning behind those words.

Hurricane Irene Fundraiser – Open Class – Sept 23

Friday night was a blessing. I was so surprised that soooo many people were on line waiting. More than we ever thought would come! So, GEO did TWO classes! We put the little kids in zone 2 and put the big kids in zone 1 where I taught and Christina taught the little kids like my sister Jade. The boyz from my crew also helped out. We did the song “Without you” by Usher. I told the class when you are dancing to this song you should think of someone you want to help, and that's what “get movin” means.

We ended up raising about $7K and collected hundreds of pairs of sneakers to donate! A few weeks later Mayor Puchi of Monroe gave me and ICON a plaque in appreciation for the effort!

Thank you every one for coming and for everyone’s generous donations.