Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The surf club was amazing!  We went to support the Boyz that were on ABDC. I was very excited when Geo pulled the other boyz on stage with him to freestyle!!!! I was shocked and felt so greatfull when I went home.

VEGAS BABY!!!! – Hip Hop International 2011

Right after the Lil Mama performance, we jumped on a plane to go to Vegas to attend the 2011 Hip Hop International Competition. It was an amazing opportunity for all of us. We got fourth in the Junior division and the ICONIC Dollz placed in the varsity which is amazing because there were so many crews that were soooooo good!!!!  I competed in the “all-styles” battle and made it through to the third round!!!! I met so many cool people.  They even made a video with my battle buddy from Australia!

Check out this video here!

Then, my aunt uncle and cousins from Arizona came to watch me dance and come to the jabbawockeez show.  It was amazing and inspiring!   Then we watched the World HHI competition at the Orleans Area.  It was huge!!!!! I got an honorable mention, a solo and even got to meet some fans!

When it was over, my uncle drove us back to Arizona.  It was fun!  Geo asked me to assist him at his dance teacher conference in Arizona. it was a great opportunity and was so funny because I showed up with the same outfit haha and I was teaching teachers. Vegas and AZ were soooo much fun!!!! Back to Jerzzzz!

The memories will last a lifetime!

LIL MAMA and WIL SMITH!!!!!!!!!

On July 17th, the Boyz and I went to Philly to perform with Lil Mama at Charlie Mack’s Celebrity weekend. We practiced all week at the studio and all the hard work paid off cause Wil Smith was there!!!!!!! And he said “Iconic Boyz” 3x!!!!!  Was awesome!!!!!


The Iconic Boyz and I went to Brooklyn to perform at a Health Corps event.  It was so cool. They were promoting healthy eating and staying active.

After we went to L&Bs pizza!!!! Yeahhhh baby!!!!! It was delicious and it was near Horizons Dance studio, so we had to stop by!

Then, we headed to Manalapan day. That was crazy! There were so many people. I couldn’t believe that so many people were waiting for the Iconic Boyz! It was my very first meet-n-greet! It was really fun it was great to see the fans and perform for them. What an amazing day!


It was an awesome summer at competition, with our Disney themes. One of my favorite dances was "Newsies". My goal was to win the Mr. Dance title of the US.

All of the other dancers in my category were awesome and I was thinking to myself I’d be happy just to place. When they announced all the runner- ups and didn’t hear my name, I thought it was all over, but then, they said my name as the winner!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!!

I had an amazing time at USTD. I won a lot of awards, but most importantly I had fun with my friends, learned a lot and made GEO and Beth proud!!!!


Hey Guys,

This is my very first blog post as ICON of the Year!!!!! Yaaaaa….. The day that I found out I got ICON of the Year was amazing! I couldn't believe my ears, I didn't know that the icon of the year could be a boy. I was like “yes!”

When I walked up to GEO and Beth I was so happy that I didn't know what to say! So, Beth asked me to do a little dance instead!!! It was so awesome and I was so honored to be the icon of the year!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!!!!!